Free Christmas Gifts and Holiday Money Saving

christmas timeChristmas is, without question, the most exciting time of the year. It also happens to be the most expensive.

Prices are purposely grouped and fluctuated to fool consumers into spending more, making their bank accounts thinner and thinner.

Often times this happens with bundles and other forms of tricky marketing that show themselves during the holidays.

Whether you have a big family to pay for or a small group, either way, you want to save as much as you can for the following New Year.

For this reason, it is hugely beneficial to find every deal you can to cut back on dishing out the green.

1) One place to start is a website called “Money Saving Mom.” This place, as the name suggests, keeps costs back and searches the internet for you in order to find free deals and opportunities.

Money Saving Mom has featured sites of the day, which show the best items for free or discounted that particular 24 hours. It is informative, easy, and links you directly to the deal you want.

2) Another website to check out is “I Love Free Things.” This place is a haven for freebies and samples, all of which can per perfect for regular gifts or stocking stuffers. Some features of this website include Black Friday deals, which of course is the busiest shopping day of the year, and direct links to bundles and insanely cheap pieces of technology like phones, TV and MP3 players.

This website also has a ‘Just For Kids’ section, so you are able to virtually shop for your children from the convenience of your home or office. Best news of all? A lot of the samples offered here have free shipping and thus you have no hang-ups whatsoever and not even a dime leaves your wallet.

3) “Free Stuff Headquarters” is also a fabulous home of bargains for the family. What is particularly cool about this website is how they have ‘Top 10 Freebies’ so you can see what everyone else is viewing and partaking in.

This place has everything you can imagine from free magazine subscriptions (which are great stocking stuffers) to free books, music, and even baby items. “Free Stuff Headquarters” is a jack of all trades so to speak, offering broad deals to serve the whole family ages young and old.

Because Christmas is a time of giving it is usually a time of stress, though it doesn’t have to be. The three aforementioned free and discount site destinations are just the tip of the iceberg, and from experience, I can tell you that you can have the area under your tree filled with presents you didn’t spend a penny on.